Discipleship Training
Do you need a Discipleship Training Manual for the summer training?
Books are $15 and the order will be placed on May 19th. 
Email: to request your book.
Discipleship Resources:
We would love to get you connected to a Community Group!
During the summer months, our Community Groups meet a little differently; Focusing on Fun & Fellowship helps create a casual environment to get to know the group. Movie nights, game nights, bbq and pool parties, etc are a fun way to gather a focus on fellowship and relationship. We also focus on Discipleship Training. There is a group for you! 
Just fill out the form below with the group info that works best for you and we will get you connected with the group. *Note that during summer months, some group times/locations vary*
If you have any questions, feel free to email .
Sundays @ 9:00 am
HFC RM #101
Patrick McClain
Kid Friendly
This group is closed for registration.
Sundays @ 9:30 am
HFC Rm #117
Victor & Jennifer Rodriguez
Kid Friendly
This group is closed for registration.
Sundays @ 1:00 pm
HFC RM #117
Charles Flanagan
Kid Friendly
Sundays @ 4 pm
Nw Houston
Erwin House – Melodie Erwin
Kid Friendly
Sundays @ 4 pm
Nw Houston
Diaz House – Brian & Susan Cudnik
Kid Friendly
@ 6pm
champions Area 
Moore House – Cindy Moore
@ 6:30pm
Jersey Village Area
Dingle House – Naomi Dingle
@ 10:30am
 Copperfield Area
Sarah Mathewes
Kid Friendly
@ 7pm
Cypress Area
Hall House – Lorrie Hall
Saturdays @ 6 pm – Copperfield area
Gould House – Tim & Beth Gould – Kid Friendly