Discipleship Materials
As you are endeavoring to grow as a disciple these materials will help challenge your thinking around what it means to be a disciple.  After you read one of the chapters below talk to someone about it.
If you are interested in committing to a process of discipleship that will help you grow and show you how to help others grow, email Pastor Tim at pastortim@hfcog.org.
Mega Multiply – Your Church as a Multiplication Platform – Ralph Moore with Todd Wilson


The 5 Stages of Spiritual Maturity – Jimputman.com

Multiplying Disciples – Chapter 3

Multiplying Disciples – Chapter 2

Multiplying Disciples – Chapter 1

Chapter 9 – Do Church Different

Chapter 8 – Faith Shaping Connections

Chapter 7 – Faith Shaping Disruptions

Chapter 6 – Implementing a Culture of Hope

Chapter 5 – Elevating A Culture of Hope

Chapter 4 – Good Works Versus God’s Work?

Chapter 3 – Start with Love

Chapter 2 – Becoming Relevant to the Unchurched

Chapter 1 – The Revelation That Changed Everything

Chapter 5 – Lessons From Hero Makers

Chapter 4 – Identity

Chapter 3 – The Millennial Opportunity

Chapter 2 – Getting Perspective

Millennials Calling – Chapter 1 Calling in Context

Sifted Chapter 24-25

Sifted Chapter 22-23

Chapter 3 Gospel Obedience

Chapter 2 Gospel Lifestyle