New Normal

In our family there are so many new things happening all at once. Of course school got started back so our days are different. Then Daniel also started playing middle school football which means our afternoons and evenings are different. Beth is working on a new project at work so her schedule is different. Then of course all of these things means that my schedule is different. However, through it all we are trying to establish a new normal for our family.
Back to Church Sunday is a time in which other families just like yours and mine can start a new normal. So many families have desired to be part of the church but then life changed and they ended up distanced from God. We can help them restart with a new normal though!
This Sunday you will receive an invitation to Back to Church Sunday on September 19th. Would you help me by inviting friends, neighbors, and loved ones that need a new normal? Let’s invite them to know that there is hope and it can be found in Jesus. Let’s invite them to a new normal in a new life with Christ. Begin praying with me now that God would give you opportunities to invite those around you into a new normal with HFC.
In Him,