Forever Young

Sunday morning I was the assistant teacher for the 4th and 5th grade students. Since school is starting I asked everyone if they were excited to go back to school. I also asked what grade they were entering. Some said 4th, others said 5th. With excitement in my voice I said “Awww you all are growing so fast. I don’t remember the year I started 5th grade.” One of the boys said, “In 1976.” My jaw dropped. How old do I look? I was so sure I looked young… I’m still in my 20s. I am 29!
I was 18 when I gave my life to the Lord. On December 19, 2010 I was baptized. That makes me “11 years old.” Now let’s say the Lord puts us in grades according to our “age.” That would make me a 5th grader now. Let’s also say that we could fail a grade because we haven’t learned what we needed to pass to the next grade. Spiritually speaking, what grade are you in? Are you 11 in 5th grade or 29 in 5th grade? Are we doing our homework–praying without ceasing, reading our word daily? Are we following the teachings of our Teacher?
Sunday I got a taste of being an old 5th grader and believe me I left the church feeling the frown lines and crow’s feet (now that’s troubling). So don’t give up. Keep pushing because the diploma we will get cannot be bought here on earth.