Back to Church Sunday 2021

Are You Ready?

Next week my kids go back to school.  [Insert shout of praise to the God who provides.]  That means that this week is all about two things: get them ready and manage the stress.  We are getting them ready by purchasing the last minute school supplies and even getting back on the school schedule before it is time to really start.  Then we manage the stress by slowing down, over-communicating, and remembering that change is hard.

This is a great time for you to get ready as well.  Maybe you aren’t going back to school but this might be a great time for you to establish some new routines in order that you can grow as a disciple of Jesus.  As you do, be sure to manage the stress of change as well.  Change is almost never easy but as we take these steps of faith God is able to provide all we need.

Finally, realized that this isn’t just a good time for you to get prepared as a disciple.  This is also a great time for others to grow closer to Jesus.  If you are discipling someone you can help them establish new routines and maybe even get them supplies that might help the process.  You can also help them manage the stress of change with encouragement and love.

For people who aren’t already connected with the church Back to Church Sunday is a great time to invite others.  This worship service on Sunday, September 19th is being designed especially for those outside the church to help them get ready and manage the stress.  Ask God to give you opportunities to connect with others and invite them to this powerful time together.

In Him,

Pastor Tim.