On Monday nights I meet on Zoom with an incredible group of young adults. This past Monday I met Sky who lives in Queens, New York and was in the group for the first time. She shared that God really spoke into her life through Rav—a friend also on the call who lives in the Bronx. He joined the group after being invited by Aliyah—another friend on the call who lives in California. She got connected with the group through Katie who worships with HFC every week.
God spoke into Sky’s life because Katie, Aliyah and Rav were willing to invite other people to join them as God was speaking into their lives. All of them got connected with the group because someone they trusted invited them to join, all of them have invited someone else to join as well, and now all of them have been impacted by God directly.
Back to Church Sunday is September 19th and this is a great time to invite others to join you as you are being impacted by God directly. When you invite others you are creating space for God to work in powerful ways, but you are also creating space for those you invite to reach out to still others.
Is God speaking to you? Have you heard the voice of the Lord in worship services and other points of connection with HFC? The people you know might not join what God is doing on their own but they trust you and your relationship with them enough to join you. God is able and we can invite others to experience this truth as well.
In Him,
Pastor Tim