Guess What My Papa Did!

My kids love hearing stories about when I got in trouble as a kid.  They love to talk to my parents about things I did wrong and the punishment I received for it.  However, their favorite thing is to tell other people about the bad things I did as a kid.  Usually I try to stop them before they get too far into it or I just ignore them and carry on with what I was saying.

Funny thing is that I tend to have the same relationship with my money.  You get to looking at my bank account and you are going to hear some stories about my life.  However, if I really look at it, my money might tell me some things about myself that I really don’t want you to hear.  The question is, what am I going to do when I hear things that I know need to change?

This month we are going through a sermon series called, “Money Talks.”  As we go through I really want you to listen to what your money is saying about you, to you and through you.  However, I also want you to listen to what God is saying about you, to you, and through you.  If what your money is saying and what God is saying is not the same then let’s do something about it.  We can’t afford to ignore what we are hearing.

In Him,
Pastor Tim