I walked inside my apartment the other day and I noticed how many plants I have, and I thought to myself “when did I become a plant mom?” I am obsessed with cactus or anything in the succulent family, oh and anything green.

Three years ago I wasn’t the person I am now I was in such a dark place just moving and not living. Now I have a love for working out a love of being healthy, it excites me to see the progress I have achieved, it has taken a lot of dedication, a lot of work and it has been worth it. Now I can go inside a boutique and buy something because it fits me. I never imagined that in my future, I ever imagined a whole new person but here I am a new person (who loves plants apparently). I should probably mention that I don’t have a green thumb which is probably why I have many plants just to fool myself into thinking I can keep them alive.

I’m not the perfect plant mom.  I’m not taking good care of my plants, just today I had to throw one out because it was dead. I will be honest I don’t check on them.  I forget to water them and I forget they exist.  I’m working so much that I can’t keep up, I have a full time job and then I make sure I go to the gym. My new lifestyle keeps me moving and neglecting what is around me.

This gets me thinking of what we are neglecting in our spiritual life. How are we keeping our plants from dying? What are we doing to achieve the green thumb? Are we neglecting what’s actually important? Are we putting ourselves before Jesus? Yes my job is important, working out is important, caring for my health is important but JESUS is above it all. He is the reason I work, He is why I have been able to get out of that dark place. He will always be my reason “why”.

Jacqueline Melgares