Dream BIG!

Last week, Pastor Tim asked us to dream a little. I just love that I was asked to dream! But here is the thing, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas – anything “a little” is hard for me to do… So, I’ve been dreaming BIG!

One BIG dream is unfolding with my new position in ministry here at HFC, as your Connections Director. In just the first few weeks of January, I’ve have the opportunity to talk with a few people and start building relationships. In these conversations and new friendships, I’m able to help “connect” people that may not have been connected. I’m so excited that we are making time for one another because there is so much more than what we “see” on a Sunday or briefly on a Wednesday.

Everyone has a story, and a dream! Cindi & Shelby Sims dreamed of a new home.. Well, just this past Monday, they moved into their new apartment! Trusting in God to make a way and moving in the hearts of numerous people, it was possible. Time, resources, and items to make their new place a home were given by some from HFC, and some not from HFC. This is what I love about community…is that we come together to help when we can, with what we can! It takes saying “yes” to what God puts on your heart to make someone‚Äôs dream come true and be a blessing. Cindi & Shelby are so thankful and appreciative of everyone’s help, kindness and generosity.

I’m excited to continue to dream BIG. I’m excited to make the next phone call and I’m excited to receive calls to see who will be on the other end. I look forward to seeing how we can help and what connections can be made. Maybe you have a special skill or hidden talent that you’d like to share – I’m all ears and would love to know and get you connected to someone that may need just that!

You can give me a call or send me a text at 713.202.1395 or email me at: naomi@hfcog.org. I’m here for you!

Your Sister In Christ,