So there I was…

So there I was… sitting in front of my computer wondering what I was going to do next.

I had just attempted to save a document that I had been working on for about an hour.  After hitting “Save” the pop up screen went down and then popped up again.  Again it was asking me if I wanted to save the document.  Looking in the folder I could see the document name that I had just saved and I had made no changes to it so I clicked, “Don’t Save.”  I immediately went to attach it to an email and there was nothing there.

I just sat staring for a bit and in that time so many things went through my head.

                “How could you let that happen?”

                “That was stupid.”

                “Can the document be recovered?”

                “Who can I call for help?”

                “I wonder what I can find online.”

                “That was stupid.”

It can be so easy to get so negative with myself.  However, it hit me pretty quickly that I can’t talk down about myself and celebrate how good God is at the same time.  Truth is, I mess stuff up.  Not just computer documents but life in general.  We all have.  However, life doesn’t get better when I proclaim to myself how bad I am—when I beat myself up.  Nope, life only gets better when I celebrate how good God is in spite of what I lack.

Good News: God is worth celebrating even on bad days and it is that celebration that will get us through those bad days.  Oh, and I was able to recover most of the document.  Look at that, another reason to celebrate!

In Him,

Pastor Tim