Discipleship Training

Now more than ever we are learning that lasting discipleship doesn’t happen in a large group setting.  Rather, it happens when disciples of Jesus are intentional about building relationships with people and helping them to be disciples of Jesus.  It is going to be awhile before “normal” happens on a Sunday morning but you can make an eternal difference for the kingdom right where you are with the people that are already around you.

Starting June 7th I will be leading another Equip Discipleship Training.  This group will meet on Zoom every Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m.  As we go through the book, “Real Life Discipleship Training Manual,” we will learn how to lead a person into a relationship with Jesus all the way to being a disciple maker themselves.  Each week will consist of 5 days of personal study (about 15 minutes each day) and then a Zoom call where we all discuss how to apply the content into our lives.

The cost for the training is $20 and is open to anyone who has a relationship with Jesus no matter how far along you might happen to be.  This will not only empower you to lead others closer to Jesus but it will help you grow as well.  Those who have already gone through discipleship training are encouraged to join again.  Disciples are learners so we all have to keep learning.

Sign up today!  Take the next step toward being a disciple maker.  God is able.
In Him,
Pastor Tim