I LOVE cold weather. My mom grew up in Kansas, and I love the Christmas seasons we spent there because I knew we’d have snow. I would wake up early every day to run to the window and see if we had a new blanket of white. I’d hurry to get dressed and rush downstairs to scarf down breakfast so I could get out there and play. I’d stay out until lunch, come in wet and numb, warm up and scarf down lunch just to run back out and play until dinner. When I heard that we were going to actually have some real winter weather here in Houston, and the possibility of snow, I was excited! All those warm memories of Christmas’ past rushed back! I had a foolproof plan: I made sure I had hot chocolate on hand, had all the right snacks, had the heavy blankets and thick socks ready. I settled in, expecting the best winter ever! 

Then the power went out. And then it didn’t come back on. And it was COLD. With my autoimmune diseases, it makes it hard to regulate my temperature. I thought, “It’s all good. I’ve got this! Let me turn on my fireplace, no problem. I’ll be warm soon and this will still be a fun experience.” I was all cozy and was enjoying sitting looking out the front windows at the snow falling. “See, I got this!”

Then the gas alarm went off. I had to turn off the fireplace and air out the living room. I thought, “Well, that’s okay, I’ve still got this! I’ll just gather lots of blankets and stay cozy on the couch!” 

But it was still cold. REALLY cold. I thought, “I think I got this, I just need to give it more time to heat up under the blankets”.

And it seemed to be getting COLDER. I added more blankets, and another sweatshirt. And then extra socks. And a thicker scarf. “I got this? Maybe?”

How am I feeling EVEN COLDER?! The longer I went without heat, the colder I felt. “Um, maybe I don’t ‘got this’?” 

I remember clearly the moment I realized, “I DON’T ‘got this’. I need help!” The trouble was, the roads were dangerous and I wasn’t sure I could get out, or anyone could get in. Then a whisper of fear kicked in. “You don’t have this.” FREEZE. And there isn’t anyone to help.” I was experiencing ‘the freeze’ in a whole other way. I felt frozen, not sure what to do! Do I venture out? FREEZE. Do I ask someone to venture out to me to look at the gas fireplace? FREEZE. Do I risk turning on the fireplace again? FREEZE. Do I just hunker down and hope for the best? FREEZE. I found myself frozen in uncertainty, hearing that whisper “You’re all alone.” Thankfully I knew I wasn’t and shut the voice of fear out immediately. I knew God was with me, and my dad was just a phone call away, not to mention friendly neighbors on both sides, and friends who live nearby. I asked God and my dad for wisdom, we made a plan and I got to a safe warm place. 

Have you ever had that FREEZE moment? Have you gone from a mountain top high to a valley low? FREEZE. What do I do now? FREEZE. Do I ask for help, or hunker down and wait it out? FREEZE. To think you’ve got a rock solid plan and then something shifts and it all falls apart quickly can stop a person in their tracks, frozen, hearing the voice of fear. What I thought I wanted, what I thought would be a good and fun experience, was in reality really hard, not so fun, and resulted in a huge stressful mess. One I don’t really want to repeat ever again. Sound familiar? So often we think we know what is best, that our plan is foolproof. We think we know what we want, how it will play out, and we get excited! Only to find ourselves in the middle of something really hard, not so fun, and resulting in a huge stressful mess. God is so good to us. Even when we find ourselves in a mess (that we likely created) He is right there! Whether mountain top high or valley low, or somewhere inbetween, He is right there. And He is not having a FREEZE moment. Shut out the voice of fear, and listen to the voice of Truth! I am so thankful for a God Who doesn’t freeze up when I need Him. He is in control and ready to act, already knowing the outcome and how it will all play out. Shut out the voice of fear, and listen to the voice of Truth! Lean into the promises He gives us in Scripture. Go to Him in prayer, and ask for His help. He knows just what to do. 

Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah