Nothing great comes in our comfort zone

Setting goals is something I am new at… for a few weeks now I’ve been setting goals. I have a few big goals that I’m working on and can’t wait until I reach them. Thursday, I set a daily goal and it was to reach the end of a trail near my apartment. I packed my backpack with water and started my journey at 8:00am. There were people on bikes and some people walking already. Once I was two miles in I turned around and I noticed there was no people walking behind me. They had turned around, but I just kept walking. 3 miles in I got to a little gate, I was crossing to a different area of the trail however I kept walking. And did I mention that I wasn’t sure how long the trail was?  At 4 miles I made it to a wooden bridge and it was beautiful it was so exciting because I had never made it that far before… I crossed it and kept on going. At 6 miles I made it to another smaller bridge and kept walking finally I made it to a parking lot. I reached my daily goal!  I had walked almost 7 miles, I was tired and it never crossed my mind how hard it was going to be to walk the 7 miles back home. 10 miles of walking and I had already finished my water, I had no more energy, and I had no food. I had done a lousy job at preparing but I had to keep going… I had 4 more miles ahead so I walked and walked. The last 2 miles were brutal. I could see the exit from afar but I couldn’t walk any faster. The only thing that kept me from giving up and laying down on the ground was that I knew there was food and water at home. Oh my! I couldn’t wait.
We as Christian have a goal – that is to reach lost sheep, teach them about unconditional love… just like it was taught to us. What happens when we don’t read the word or pray and just neglect our relationship with Jesus? We start to starve, we get thirsty, and we faint. There is no strength left; we start to feel like I did walking the last 2 miles. I could see the exit, my freedom but I was too weak. No matter how many miles we walk in the Lord through all of it we will be lifted up, we will be kept full, we will not grow weary that is a promise from God, just like my motivation to not give up was the food in my fridge. We have something better than food in the fridge we have JESUS!