Power Force Team

I consider myself stronger than most people my age because I have always been active one way or another. Now, we are not born with superhuman strength but over time people can become physically stronger if they train and exercise regularly. 
Someone asked me: what about our spiritual lives? Do we have to exercise our spirits?
If we substitute dumbbells, squat machines, treadmills, for prayer, fasting, bible reading and more we are going to be spiritually fit for Jesus. John Jacobs is the leader of the power force team, and they combine both things exercise and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Can you imagine being physically strong but also using that to share the gospel with people that do not know our lord and savior, I say that is awesome.
The Power Force Team is coming to Houston First on June 21st! From MMA athletes to NFL athletes, they are a strength team that delivers a message of hope to lift the world as well to share their testimonies on how God has touched their lives to use their skills to share Jesus everywhere they go. This event will take place in our church building and is completely free. I do hope you can be there but more importantly that you can invite someone in need of Jesus.
Get the word out and invite your family and friends to experience the unbelievable on June 21st right here at the Houston First Church at 6pm. This is a completely free event! Make sure to go to our Facebook event page and share the link with others.
Hope to see you there, Pastor David.