A Little Bit Different

By now you have heard me say a few times something like, “We’re going to do something a little bit different.”  Maybe that could be the new tag line for 2020.  We have been talking for nine months now about how we have to do everything different.  Nothing seems normal.

Sure it has been hard on us but imagine trying to run a hospital in Mwihila in Kenya, or reaching out evangelistically to children in Houston, or planting a church, or having conversations with pregnant women contemplating abortion.  The pandemic has expanded the ministry needed in all of these areas yet has also decreased the accessibility of each ministry to the people who need them the most.

So how can we help?  We can fulfill our Faith Promise commitments to fund the ministries that are happening around our city, state, country and the world.  Right now we are about $3,000 short of the commitments we made to ministries like the Mwihila Mission Hospital, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Merge Church and CareNet Pregnancy Center. 

Most of these ministries have experienced a decline in giving from partnering organizations like HFC, but let’s show them something a little different this year.  Let’s show them that as God has been faithful to us we will be faithful to them.  God is able.

In Him,
Pastor Tim.