“World Changer”

This year has been NUTS. Phrases I’ve heard lately are “crazy” or “stressful”. “Overwhelming” is one I’ve heard from my parent and teacher friends. There are so many ways and so many words that we could use to describe this year. But I think it’s safe to say, 2020 has changed the world. 

Some people are more cautious now, while others are more reckless. Some may have responded in fear and isolation, shutting themselves away from any possible exposure. Others may have become bolder and more willing to tell those they love how they feel. Either way, the world as we know it has changed. 

But do you know what? We aren’t the first people who have lived through a world changing event! Throughout history there have been milestone events that have changed the world; The Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, numerous advancements in science, two World Wars, Google was founded, Y2K and the turn of the century, 9-11, many political ups and downs, we cloned a sheep, and hey – the Cubs finally won the World Series again! Some were really scary, and some were really amazing to witness.

There’s another amazing world changing event, or should I say world changing person: Jesus! Some were very cautious with His message, not trusting He was who He said. Some were so excited they went and told everyone they possibly could. Some were fearful of what this Messiah might do or say next, shutting Him out of their world and hiding away from the truth. Others were encouraged and inspired and entered full time ministry, traveling around to tell others the good news. The world was changed by the ultimate World Changer – Jesus. 

Join us this Sunday as we hear more about the World Changer. Invite others to attend worship with you, or send them the online link so they can watch live. We can’t wait to worship the World Changer with you this Sunday!

~Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah