It is not about me.

Have you ever recorded yourself on a phone or a recorder just to listed to yourself later? Or have you ever caught yourself saying one thing but thinking something completely different? Well, welcome to my world. After living in the US for a couple of years, I am still working on my English skills, for example I used to think in Spanish while simultaneously trying to translate that to English in my mind, just to then say something completely different. It took me a while to improve because I was trying to learn on my own, I was not letting others help me thinking that they would just laugh at me. When in reality I needed their help to improve. 

The story of the bible is not about us (even though the bible impacts our lives is not about us) but it’s about Jesus and how he came to earth for you and me. As we are living our daily lives, we think that Christianity is only about making good or bad decisions and depending on which decision I make I would go to heaven or hell. We have forgotten that is not about what I think about my life or how good I have been but is really about Jesus coming here to earth to give up his life for you and me. What if instead of thinking “what do I want to do today” we ask ourselves “what does Jesus wants me to do today?” Don’t you think that it would change our prospective about how we live our lives.

In order for me to improve on my English skills I had to ask others for help. The same can be said about our Christians lives, we do not have to do it alone even though we tend to think that no one wants to help or that they will just laugh or judge us. In Romans 12:5 we get affirmation that we are one body in Christ. So, remember Christianity is not only about making good or bad decisions but realizing that is not about me and what I want but what is it that Jesus wants for my life and how he wants me to be more relational with others. I want to invite you to listen to our sermon series on “what do I believe” to learn more about God’s word.

Pastor David.