But then there is YOU!

Dear Church,

Beth and I had plans to go to Colorado to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  Because of COVID 19 we had to cancel.  The kids had plans to go to Ohio in June.  We had to reschedule.  Then we were all going to go to Ohio in July.  We had to cancel.  Does this sound like your life too?  How can we schedule anything when we don’t know what “normal” is going to be next week, next month or next year?

But then there is YOU!  Because you have given with such generosity the HFC staff and Elders have been empowered to plan for a future that is unpredictable.  We have purchased a video system that will be built into our sanctuary that will allow us to do multiple things. 

  1. When we are not able to be in the building it will allow us to record services with exceptional sound and video quality.
  2. When we have some at the building and some at home we will be able to stream a live broadcast on both Facebook and YouTube with words for songs and slides for the sermon.
  3. When we are all back in the building we will be able to give guests a great understanding of what our services are like even before they step into the building.

During this time we have also spent more funds on counseling services than in any three month stretch of my five year history with HFC.  Your giving to benevolence is making it possible for these individuals and families to gain the tools they need to be emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Your generosity is still needed as well.  Since the video system wasn’t budgeted you may want to give a special gift to help offset that significant cost.  As COVID 19 continues there will continue to be benevolence needs that you can provide.  Also, don’t forget your Faith Promise.  We are currently about 14% behind budgeted giving for the year and those ministries are relying on our faithful support as well.

Church, we are in this together so if your life is feeling unpredictable, let me know how we can help.  As each of us faithfully gives to God’s mission work through HFC we will all together reap the benefits of God’s kingdom here on earth.  God is able.

In Him,

Pastor Tim