Our New Normal?

Before Jesus left this earth he told his disciples, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).  Throughout the rest of the New Testament we get a glimpse as to what that looked like.  Paul in particular traveled by foot and by boat to share the good news of Jesus Christ as he started house-churches all around the Mediterranean Sea.

Until March we got used to sharing God’s word as we met together in the church building and worked through Learn Groups to make disciples.  Now however we are worshipping online with Learn Groups on Zoom.  Each day we all become less and less sure what the future will look like but we know the mission Jesus gave us is still the same.

I wanted to let you know about two things that HFC is doing now that will empower you to go and make disciples where you are and allow you to reach the nations at the same time.  First, Community Groups are starting in September.  These groups will be a place for you to form real relationships that will show you what it looks like to be a disciple that makes disciples.  These will be places where you will grow deeper with current members of the church and also invite your neighbors, friends and coworkers.   You will get a chance to sign up for one of these groups in August.

We are also purchasing a video system that will be installed in the sanctuary.  This system will make it easier for the worship team to record and live-stream worship services on Facebook and YouTube.  This will provide all of us with a high-quality worship experience no matter where we are, and it will be a tool you can use to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who won’t be in the church building.  The expense for this was significant but I believe it will show great fruit even in the unpredictable times in which we find ourselves.

We might not know what normal is going to look like tomorrow but we do know that the mission of Jesus remains the same: go and make disciples.  Let’s use everything we have to accomplish the mission for the glory of God!

In Him,
Pastor Tim.