I loved him.  We met at the grocery store.  My love for avocados sent me to the store closest to my apartment as did my laziness not to drive to the store where they are much cheaper. He was tall, dark hair, and fair skin with a love for avocados just like me. We exchanged numbers and it started slow—a few texts here and there. I mean I still wasn’t sure. Come on, I wasn’t just going to jump right in.

After one week of texting we went on our first date and oh how things got even better.  He wasn’t just good looking but he had a big heart. After this we went on more dates.  We would text all day!  I would get a “Good morning beautiful” text and a, “Good night,” text.  Every single day it was so exciting. This went on for some time. I would look forward to seeing him.

Eventually the texts I loved to receive stop coming—not completely but they were not consistent.  Our dates started to get canceled and I would get new excuses. Something was wrong.  The guy I liked was not the same and I was hurt. “Alive” is how I would describe our relationship but at the end he became a ghost and disappeared.

You’re probably wondering, “Who hurt Jackie?”  What if I told you that I’m the ghost?  What if I told you that this is my relationship with God?  Morning prayers had ceased even though the Bible told me not to do that.  Daily Bible reading had stopped too.  How do you expect to feel alive if everything has stopped?  Making excuses… it’s my new anthem.  A strong relationship takes communication, not silence.

God will never ghost you.  No, you are perfect in his eyes.  You are his treasure.  He didn’t just shed tears.  He also shed his blood for us all because we are worth it.  I ask myself, “How can you still play the ghost when HE LOVES YOU?”  This love story doesn’t have to end like this for me or for you.  We can have that strong relationship with Jesus again, and it all starts with good communication.  Let’s stop being the ghost.