Prove It!

I have a clear memory of kids being disgusted and almost impressed by how I ate dirt at recess. I know it’s weird and honestly I don’t know why I did. It was a bad habit of mine. No I don’t still eat dirt but I do still carry around bad habits like biting my fingernails nails when I nervous or taking off my shoes in the living room and forgetting about them. I do my best to take them off in my closet where they go but once in a while I forget.

The whole world has been in lock down—not as much anymore however we are still not at what we know as normal. During this time I got a closer look at other bad habits of mine. I wasn’t doing so great at managing my money and I wasn’t making great choices in my diet. During all this time being home I read The Total Money Makeover and The Whole30 and they have changed my life. I would have never imagined the freedom I have gained by living debt free. I should say I’m not completely done but I’m half way there. It is liberating! I also have learned to say no to foods that are not healthy. It started due to my mom finding out she has diabetes. In order to avoid the medication we started our journey with the Whole30. The book taught me what’s good and bad by doing what the book said. My body is feeling the reward.

What if we applied what the Bible teaches us in the same way? We would find true love and our bad habits of anger, lying; coveting would not be who we are. We would be disciples filled with the Spirit bragging about the Lord, about the freedom He gives and how He has changed our lives. We would read the scriptures—the love letter written to us—and it would fill our hearts. We would gain a reward in heaven and it will be the only reward to look forward to?

My question now is what is holding us back? What’s holding me back from living wholeheartedly for Him? I’ve been thriving and learning during this quarantine so why am I so afraid to give into the Almighty I’m not the same little girl that ate dirt. I’m not the same woman I was at the beginning of the year. No, I’m a woman who is able to succeed—a woman chosen by God to deliver good news and all I can hear is PROVE IT.

With Love,