I didn’t get anything done today.

“I didn’t get anything done today.”

“I didn’t get anything done today.”  I literally said that out loud to myself last week.  I had a whole list of items that I had intended to check off my list and most of them were still there.  So I commenced with feeling bad for myself, beating myself up and wondering what I could have done better.

Then it hit me.  That was a lie.  I had gotten amazing things done that day.  I had no less than 4 spiritual conversations with people that I am discipling in one way or another.  I prayed with people.  I shared testimony with people.  We discerned revelation together.  We even talked about ways that they could disciple others.  There were many victories for the kingdom!

The truth is that I need a new scorecard.  I have to realize that my “to-do” list may not be God’s.  I have to stop submitting to the desires of my flesh to simply “get stuff done.”  Rather, I need to submit to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit to have spiritual conversations with people that God is giving me the opportunity to disciple.

Truth is, I got everything done that God wanted me to (and I eventually got done with the other stuff too).  How do you measure what it means to get stuff done?  Do you need a new scorecard too?  This new scorecard will lead us to be the disciples that make disciples and Jesus sent us to be!

In Him,
Pastor Tim