Be My Guest!

Wooo Hooo! I’m sooo excited about the upcoming Women’s Conference on Saturday, October 3rd. If you have not attended a women’s ministry event before, I highly recommend it and let me tell you why!
It is so important for us to be connected to those in the family of God. As we discussed in community groups this week – there was a reason God sent out disciples in two’s. There is strength in numbers, spiritual relationships form and accountability. It is at events like this conference that we form stronger relationships, bonds and friendships.
When I went to my first retreat a few years back, I knew just one person really… and when I left I had new girlfriends! That time was so precious and looking back on it, it was sooo needed! It’s hard sometimes to take time for ourselves; we have many things that occupy our time. But I want to encourage you to “take” this time for yourself, especially now, with the way everything is going on around us and enjoy some girl time as we grow closer to our Father together.
Also, if it’s good for you – it is good for your family and friends! Invite someone to come with you… I was invited to attend that first retreat and I cannot thank her enough for asking me because it truly made a difference in my life!
I’m inviting you – to join me. Send me an email or call/text me at 713.202.1395 and let me know you want to be my guest! I’ll save ya a seat!