Reflections of Mother’s Day

Each summer when I would go back to school teachers would always make us write a small essay about what we did during the summer. I never went anywhere so I had to lie about how I enjoyed my trip to the space center or the beach or how hot the walk at the zoo was or how long the drive to San Antonio felt and how we had to make frequent stops because I got car sick. I never did go to the space center. Actually nothing I ever wrote was ever true. I have five siblings and my mom was a single mother.  There was no way she could afford to take her six children on a day trip but a little girl could dream.

I never appreciated my mom’s hard work. I never thanked her.  Instead I insisted on things she couldn’t afford I would cry when I didn’t get it. It wasn’t a lack of love on her part but a lack of money. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t respect my mom and when I got older I treated her so badly.  Still though, the love of a mother kept going.

I remember one day she got home from work with muddy clothes she said she had slipped on some mud waiting for the Metro.  Just recently she told me that the reason she got home like that was because she had seen a hundred dollar bill in a ditch next to the Metro stop or so she thought.  She needed to feed us and didn’t have money to get groceries so her mind made her see what she wanted to see. Now I hear of everything she did for me and my siblings and I can’t believe I have such and incredible woman in my life.

Thank you for being so strong and loyal to your children even when it gets hard.  Thank you for showing your love even when your kids don’t appreciate it.  Believe me one day they will see your hard work and embrace you. I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day.