Empowering Each Other

A few days ago, the youth and I went hiking for the first time to Huntsville stake park for the first time. In preparation for the hike I started walking every other day, I also started eating better, and at some point, I even stared exercising which is extremely good for my health. Even though I was preparing my body specifically for that hiking trip with our youth group, I started to notice a significant improvement in my overall health.

The same can be said for our spiritual lives, we go to church on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night, we read our bible every day, we pray for our meals and so much more. We actually don’t think much of that, but when problems come our way our attitude is different in how we process that situation.

While we were hiking with the youth, I noticed that some walked faster than others, some were drinking much more water than others, but we all were encouraging each other to finish our trip. Many times, we tend to compare ourselves with others and their situations thinking that it is the same and we forget that we all are walking at different speeds. It is okay to ask for help when we struggle in life, we could be surprised to know how much support and encouragement our spiritual family can give us. The bible says that we need to surrender ourselves with like-minded people who can help us get closer to God.

Once our hiking trip was completed, it was amazing to know that everyone has finished, not everyone finishes at the same time but we were there for one another, you don’t have to do Christianity all on your own, we have a spiritual family ready to be there for us.

With Love,
Pastor David