So What About…?

Community Group sign ups are under way and already about 45 people have signed up to join a Community Group.  You can sign up today at…

You might also have some questions like…

“Are Community Groups replacing Learn Groups?”

  • Yes, but this is not just a name change. The focus of the groups will be different and the leaders have different goals for each group.

“If I’m not in a Community Group on Sunday morning then what will I do?”

  • First, if you aren’t registered to meet with the Sunday morning Community Group then please don’t. In order to accomplish the goals we have it is important to keep the groups small.  Again, you can sign up for a Community Group at
  • Secondly, we will still be offering Sunday School for our children and youth from 9:30-10:30 on Sunday mornings. Please bring them!
  • The rest of us will have an opportunity to hang out and talk to each other in the lobby and cafe areas. We are committed to creating relational environments that help disciples make disciples.  This un-programmed time together is so important for this process!  This is not “extra” time or “wasted” time or a “waiting” time.  This is “relationship building” time.  This is “get real about your week” time.  This is “what is Jesus doing in your life” time.

“What about Wednesday Night Bible study, youth meeting and Kid Min?”

  • Youth will continue to meet with Pastor David on Wednesday night up in the Youth Room.
  • Kids are welcome to come but we realize it does make for a late night on a school night.
  • The Bible study has been great for digging into God’s word but feels more like a classroom than a living room. So, just like Sunday mornings before worship, Wednesday nights for adults will be a time to share life together.  Think of it as a time to apply God’s word to our lives as we relationally invest in each other.

“What if I have more questions?”

  • Reach out to or and we would love to talk with you about any questions you have. The mission is to make disciples and together we will all get on the same page in accomplishing that mission!

In Him,

Pastor Tim