Step Inside!

Do you remember The Secret Life of Pets movie that came out a few years ago? It gave us an inside look at what our pets might do while we are away. It was hilarious! The movie showed us that our pets are curious, adventurous, loyal, intelligent, protective, and prone to making huge messes! They really do have a secret life that we miss when we’re gone!

What if there was another Secret Life movie? The Secret Life of Kids! What would we see as we peek into their world? What adventures would they go on? What would draw their curiosity? How would they play? What would they discover? It’s an exciting idea, isn’t it? There have been many TV shows geared to this very concept over the years; Kids Say The Darnedest Things, Little Big Shots, numerous hidden camera/social experiment shows where they leave kiddos in a room and watch as they navigate different challenges. What if I told you that HFC Kids can offer you this special inside look? What if I told you that you get a front row seat to The Secret Life of Kids?! Would you say yes to that free ticket? Well then, today is your lucky day!

Volunteering in HFC Kids gives you a front row seat to The Secret Life of Kids! This fall come with us on an epic adventure as we walk the roads of the New Testament! Help us discover new exciting stories of the early Church as they began to go and tell! Laugh with us as we play fun games together. See our curiosity grow as engaging discussions unfold. See our creativity and personality as we craft reminders to take home. Join us as we learn to be disciples who make disciples. We are having a blast down the HFC Kids hallway, and we’d love for you to join us! Your journey can begin today! Visit to sign up for a front row seat to…


Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah

P.S. Be sure to tune in Sunday to see the video announcement! You don’t want to miss it!