Hope in the Dark

     As of Tuesday morning, Beth, the kids, and I are leaving from golf port Mississippi heading to Orlando Florida. Thursday the national convention of the Church of God will begin.  We would appreciate your prayers in our travel as we are greatly looking forward to the convention and to some good time away. 
     As much as we are looking forward to all that we will do, we also know that we will return to real life back in Houston very soon. The same is true in regard to the hopelessness that we feel in our lives. We may be able to run away from it for a while, but we always know that eventually we will return to real life in that issue.  That is, unless something changes. 
      Through the month of June we have looked at how we can find home in the dark. Each week we talked about ways to interrupt the darkness in order to put our hope in the light.   How will you interrupt the darkness? Will you share your struggles with someone else?  Will you commit to studying God‘s word by yourself and with others in a learning group?  Will you seek Christian counseling that will help you process all that God is doing? 
      We can have hope even in dark times. I look forward to hearing your testimonies of hope when we return to Houston. 
-In HIm
Pastor Tim