Will You Join the Merge?

“You do realize we are about to make history this Sunday in our movement in Texas. This is the first glimpse of a sending culture in the Church of God in Texas.” I got this text yesterday from Efrain Cirilo who is planting Merge Church in Conroe, TX. Efrain, his wife Megan, their children, and some of their team will be here Sunday to share the vision of Merge Church with HFC, but this is about so much more than just Merge.
This is about learning what it looks like to step out on faith to follow the call of God toward those who don’t yet know Jesus. This is about the Church collaborating together—even as we may worship in different places—in order to advance the kingdom of God. This is about breaking down the demonic walls of competition between congregations and choosing to trust others with a variety of resources.
This Sunday we will all get a chance to participate in this powerful move of God. After Efrain and Megan speak I’m going to challenge you in four ways.
1. Would you commit to pray for Merge Church in your personal prayer time? Pray for Efrain,
Megan and their family. Pray for launch Sunday which is February 9, 2020. Pray for the people
with whom they will be sharing the gospel.
2. Would you commit to give financially to Merge Church? In 2019 HFC has given $6,000 to
Merge, but I have also personally committed to give $100 each month for three years. Could
you do the same?
3. Would you commit to attending Merge Church on launch Sunday, February 9, 2020? I want to send 25 people from HFC to worship and serve there so that Merge knows they are not alone.
4. Would you commit to being a Rocket Booster with Merge Church? This means you would
commit to serve with Merge for six Sundays in order to help them build a volunteer base from
the guests that are coming to worship for the first time.
I can’t wait to talk to you more about this on Sunday! Until then, have a blessed Thanksgiving!
In Him,
Pastor Tim.