Keeping Up With… Community Groups

Meet the Jones family.  They live next door to you.  You have invited them to worship with you a couple times but so far they haven’t shown up.  They seem interested when you mention Jesus or the church but not interested enough to attend.

Then one day you invite them to your home and because they know you it is easy for them to accept the invitation.  While in your home, not only do you get to talk to them about their lives and family, but they also get to meet other members of the church who are also in your home—they are your Community Group.

After meeting with your Community Group for a couple weeks they start talking about attending a worship service.  The first week in the building they already have 8 friends that they have gotten to know over the last couple weeks.  They are so moved by the worship service they quickly invite other family members and coworkers to worship services and THEIR Community Group.

Now that the group has grown so large the Community Group has to multiply to a new group that the Jones are excited to host.  The Jones soon become the family that invites so many new people that everyone is trying to keep up with them.

Would you like to help us meet the Jones?  Would you like to learn more about what that would look like?  You can do that by signing up to lead or host a Community Group.  Beth and I are so excited to be hosting a group!  We hope you will join us in this endeavor.  Sign up at first training will be Saturday, July 11.  We can’t wait to see you there!
In Him,
Pastor Tim