Opportunities to Give

First of all, on behalf of the entire staff, thank you all so much for every way that you poured out your love to us over this last month. The cards, letters, prayers and reception were so amazing, and we are so blessed to be able to serve together with you. Thank you for allowing your generosity to spill into our laps.
I also wanted to let you know about several other opportunities to give and bless others with your generosity once again. It all starts this Sunday when Pastor Joe will be with us all the way from Kenya. It was such a blessing to preach to his church and now he will have the opportunity to preach to ours. When we were in Kenya he mentioned that the students in the school he oversees do not have tables at which to eat their meals. Many have asked how they might be able to help meet this need. Each table costs $250 US dollars which for 50 tables would be a total of $12,500. You will have an opportunity help meet this need this Sunday with a special offering.
Pastor Joe’s visit will be followed by the missionary we support in Turkey on November 10 th . Also, if you would like to join her for a meal on Saturday, November 9 th please contact Cindy Moore who is coordinating dinner plans with her. We will also receive a special offering for her and her ministry.
Then on December 1 st Pastor Efrain Cirilo, his wife Megan and others from their launch team will be here to talk about Merge Church, the Church of God church plant in Conroe, TX. In that time together we will talk about vital ways that we can give to support Merge, not just financially, but even with our attendance, service and prayer.
Finally then, on December 8 th Larry and Lee Ann Sellers will be back with us. We will get to hear their heart for the Ivory Coast and how God is working through them in Africa and in the US. Again we will have a chance to bless them with a love offering too.
Thank you for every way that you give and your amazing hearts of generosity. You are having a
powerful influence on this world through the kingdom of God.
In Him,
Pastor Tim.