Urgent Request!!!

I wish you could see a picture of my desk right now—papers everywhere, to-do lists scattered about, a stack of books I wish I could read, a binder for my Elders’ meeting, a binder for my state work, two laptops and a desktop computers.  I look on the wall and see a yearly calendar for planning.  I look down and I see a phone dinging.  Emails, texts, social media…

Does this sound familiar to you too?  Life seems so full of things to do that at times it can feel overwhelming.  How do we keep from being overwhelmed and actually live the life that God wants us to live?

Look up.

Charles Hummel in his book, Tyranny of the Urgent, wrote, “Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important.”  So many times we can be consumed by what appears to “need” to be done right now that we put off that which is actually most important.  We are so busy looking down at our lists that we fail to look up to the face of God.  We are looking down at our phones instead of looking up to God’s word.  We are looking down at ourselves for not being good enough instead of looking up to God who is always more than enough.

What will you do today to break the cycle of looking down?  How will you cast your attention on Jesus by looking up to God and listening for his Holy Spirit to speak?  The urgent things will be there later.  There is nothing more important for you to do right now.


In Him,

Pastor Tim.