Fatherly Advice

Sunday, I was at my little cousins birthday party. She turned 3 years old. They had cake, candy, and had also rented a bouncy house for all the kids to play in. All of the grown-ups were just hanging out near the bouncy house watching the kids roughly playing.The boys would chase, tackle, and jump on each other.
 My cousin Danny who is a five-year-old boy was being chased to get tackled by the other boys. He let out a high pitch scream. His father having heard him let out a shout, “Danny don’t scream like that!” He was concerned for the children’s ears, I thought to myself. He kept saying, “scream like a man, a warrior!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the advice he gave his son.
He looked at me laughing and said,”he sounded like he saw a snake!” He wanted his son to not flinch when he saw trouble coming. 
What if we took this father’s advice into our own life? Let out warrior scream when we face trouble or when we see the enemy coming. Has He not given us the weapons to fight back against the enemy? Psalm 144:1 reads, “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” Aren’t we on a winning team? With the Lord on our side, we will always win the battle. Let’s not let out a high pitch scream when we see a snake, but let us stomp on its head and shout like the warriors that we are in Christ!
Jacqueline Melgeras