Still The Same Mission

Dear Church,

This weekend we talked about the importance of not settling for “religion” anymore. Rather, as
Jesus-followers we have go where he tells us to go, do what he tells us to do, and say what he
tells us to say. Jesus says, make disciples.

Let me give you a few ways that you can make disciples and learn how to make disciples no
matter where you are in your walk with Jesus.
1. Pray on your own. There are all kinds of people around you that need God to move in their
lives. Jesus made a habit of healing people through the faith of their friends and family. He
will respond to your faith too.
2. Invite others. You know people that no one else with HFC knows. You can invite them to
worship services, Bible studies, kid’s groups, youth meetings and so much more.
Especially if you are new to HFC, you are so important to spreading the word!
3. Make phone calls. Be intentional about having conversations with people. Text messages
are a good start and emails convey good information, but conversations really help people
connect. The entire conversation doesn’t have to be about Jesus but make sure to talk
about what God is doing in your lives as well.
4. Join a Learn Group. One of the best ways to learn how to be a disciple is to hang out with
other people with the same goal. If you would like to join a Learn Group email and she will get you connected this week.
5. Register for the Online National Disciple Making Forum at This is a
training event in which you will learn practical tools from amazing leaders that will help you
today! Then at the end of each day those from HFC are going to join together to process
through the information we learned just like Jesus would do with his disciples. Email to let me know you are planning to attend as well.

We can do this. God is able. This time away does not have to be time away from the mission
Jesus gave the church. Let’s all join the mission and help others grow closer to Jesus.
In Him,
Pastor Tim.