What’s Next?

We just celebrated Graduation Sunday and it was so much fun! Being able to celebrate this big achievement as a church family is extremely important. This celebration also means the end of a chapter for our three graduates, so what’s next?
Maybe they will be going off to college close by or super far away.  Maybe they want to work for a year to save some money, or just start working in an area they love.
I know our graduates will be fine in whatever they decide to do because they have Christ in their hearts, If they have Him they have everything. With Christ, the “what’s next” it’s not so scary, because knowing that if they feel lonely, anxious or overwhelmed we can trust and rely on God to calm and guide their hearts.
Maybe you graduated 10, 20, 30 years ago and you know how hard life can be, Let’s make sure this generation learns to trust God, to rely on Him, to put Him first. Let’s make sure they have a relationship with our Creator, to ensure that whatever happens next, it will be in God’s hands.
With love,
Pastor David