Getting Unstuck

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, “Why do I do that?” only to do the exact same thing the next day?  It seems so easy to get stuck in life—stuck in routine, stuck in responsibilities, stuck in bad relationships, and stuck in negative thinking.  So how do we get unstuck?

  1. Commit to the process. The best way to fail at anything is to only go at it half-heartedly. No matter what steps we take toward a goal, if we aren’t all in we are going to miss the mark. Set a time frame like a week or a month and then give it everything you have as you are heading toward the finish line. 
  2. Start small but don’t stay small. When we start something new it is easy to set huge goals that are a bit beyond realistic. Remember that any progress is progress, and nothing motivates us better than seeing progress. Use early success to challenge yourself toward the next step because small is not the end goal—only a place to begin. 
  3. Celebrate wins together. Talk to someone about where you are stuck and what you are going to do to get out of it. Then, when you accomplish small goals celebrate with that person and set another one. Make a big deal about every win because that win proves you aren’t stuck anymore. 

Truth is Jesus had a lot to say about how to get unstuck.  To learn more join HFC for a service on Sundays at 10:45 am. In March we are focusing on “Thinking Faith.” We will examine how our faith should impact the way we think and talk about topics like stress, depression and even politics. Learn more at, LIKE us on Facebook (@HoustonFirstChurchofGod) or follow us on Instagram (@hfcgram).

In Him,

Pastor Tim