Boast in Hope

     Romans 5:2 reads, “And we boast in the hope of the glory of God.”
     Wait a minute!  We boast in what?  Why wouldn’t we boast in the glory of God?  Haven’t we seen him do awesome and amazing things?  Isn’t boasting in hope like clapping at the end of an animated movie?  “Wow! That was a really awesome story that never happened!”
     As it turns out, hope is not just a state of being.  Hope does things for us.  Hope changes us—changes our minds, and changes our hearts.  Our capacity to hope is also an indicator of health and well-being.  It is not just a good imagination about what might happen in our future.
     This means we should be excited about our ability to hope—we should boast in it.  However, it also means that if we can’t boast in the hope of the glory of God we need to realize that something is not right.  We need to address it so that hope can start working for us—doing all that God designed for it to do.
     Starting Sunday, I will begin a new sermon series on HOPE.  I hope you will be here to hear what God has to say about hope and what it can do in your life.  You might even see God’s glory as you learn to put your hope in him.


In Him,
Pastor Tim.