You Are Ready

Are you ready? 
The year was 1973, I was a 20-year-old wife of an army soldier at Ft. Knox Kentucky and received a call to be the first female vehicle dispatcher on the base. Little did I know that I had to be able to drive a truck which was a standard transmission, 10 ton, large, long, and an expensive piece of equipment known as the Red Ball, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Scary right? Although I was breaking barriers with this position- as a terrified woman reporting up through the civil service chain of command, breaking barriers wasn’t my intent. And yet, I did so anyway.  
In 2018, I was called to be an elder at HFC. Again, I wasn’t interested in breaking down barriers and yet I understood that I was to be the first female elder in this congregation. I don’t know which event was more terrifying to me, driving that 10-ton truck and the high-ranking Army officers or sitting on a board of elders. However, both scenarios have a common theme. I didn’t feel ready. This time, saying no to God didn’t seem like the best option.
Although I can drive a standard vehicle, I wasn’t ready to drive that monster truck without wrecking it. Although I have sat on boards and councils before, I wasn’t ready for the tremendous change in the way we do things due to Covid.  
“Was I ready?” 
No, I wasn’t. But was I willing to follow God’s call.  
When the Lord called Samuel, in 1 Samuel 3:10, Samuel did not know what God was calling him to do yet he said to God, “Speak now, for your servant is listening.” It took four times for Samuel to know the voice of the Lord. 
First – I must know the voice of the Lord. Second, I must say yes to Him. Third, He knows what He is calling me to do, and equips me for his purpose. 
Listen for the call. When He calls, He equips.  
You are ready, 
Cindy Moore