An Evening at the Park

Saturday evening I took my son to the park. I was so tired. I didn’t want to go. I had just taken him the night before, but we went anyway. He was in a great mood because I let him drive for a bit. His very first time! I wasn’t nervous at all. He was like a pro!
We get to the park so he can play basketball and there was a father there with his son. They weren’t just there. The father was teaching his boy of about 4 years old how to play basketball. I sat on the swings observing them as well as my son. Little did I know my son was watching them out the corner of his eye. 
I saw my son shoot to make a basket, miss and just walk off towards the park and just sit there. He was now intently watching them and then suddenly put his head down. 
I let him be and motioned for him to come over after a bit. It took all of me to hold my emotions in. All of me! I was like, “God, what do I tell him? I am not a father!” This is why I dislike being a single mom! This is also why I would like to have a husband. Mixed emotions.  
Overall, I felt the Holy Spirit saying, let this be your moment with him and explain the riches our Father has for those without–the bond he has with us. These last two sermons about sex and relationships have taught me a lot. One, I don’t want to put anyone before me or my kids. Secondly, being single is less trouble because it gives me more of an open relationship with my children and with God. Every relationship we have–everything–is temporary because in the end, we belong to God. The things of this world such as pain and suffering will pass away (1 Corinthians 7:29-31).
I praise God for all He has given me as well as helping me endure such situations. He reassures me our relationship with Him will last forever. In turn, I show my children the same thing.
-Jessica Lopez