You Were Born to Fly

“One day a man walked through the forest and found an eagle chick. When he saw him unprotected, he decided to take him home and put him in a chicken coop. While there, the chick learned to eat the same food as Chickens and to behave like them. One day, a man who was an expert in zoology came by and asked the owner of the chicken coop, why he had an eagle locked in the corral.
As I have given him the same food and he has always been among the chickens, he has never learned to fly, the owner replied. He behaves like them, so he is no longer an eagle but a chicken.
However, the zoologist insisted, he is an eagle and has an instinct to fly, and he can certainly be taught to do so.
The zoologist gently took the eagle in his arms and said: You belong in the heavens, not in the earth, you are not a chicken. Open your wings and fly. The eagle, however, was confused and seeing that the chickens ate, jumped down and met them again.
The next day the zoologist took the eagle to the roof of the house and encouraged her, saying again: You are an eagle, open the wings and fly. But the eagle jumped once more in search of chicken food.
The zoologist got up early on the third day and took the eagle out of the pen and took it to a mountain. He raised it directly towards the sun. The eagle began to tremble, to slowly open its wings and finally, with a triumphant shriek, flew away in the sky.”
“We thank God for the power Christ has given us. He leads us and makes us win in everything. He speaks through us wherever we go. The Good News is like a sweet smell to those who hear it.  2 Corinthians 2:14
When we see our past or the past of our parents, we think that our life must be the same way,
submerged in those things that stop us from moving forward, it has possibly been a chain of poverty and pain, believing that we will never succeed in life. We take the same attitudes, the same thought of negativity which makes us fall into the same way of life and blinds us to see beyond what God can give us. That blindness prevents our faith from acting and the power of God from manifesting in our lives.
God as a good Father wants us to succeed in every area of ​​our lives. Let nothing stop you so that we can live in the best way every day. Remember; do not live with your eyes down seeing the circumstances around you. Instead, look up with your head up high trusting that our father that is in heaven wants us to fly freely thought the skies.
A new year is hours away but you do not have to do start alone; we are here to equip you so you can fly like the eagle in the story. (We love because he first loved us 1 John 4:19).
-Pastor David