Christmas Worship

Merry Christmas Eve! Beth and I are already enjoying a wonderful time with the kids and our family in Ohio. I remember Christmas Eve as a kid when my parents would load us in the car at 10:30 at night to go to the church building for a midnight candlelight service. The sound of Silent Night off the wood-plank ceiling. The anxiety of my mother hoping I didn’t light myself on fire. These are good memories.
I have also attended communion services on Christmas Eve that really help remind everyone why we celebrate Christmas; after all, Jesus’ birth means nothing if his death doesn’t mean everything. We could have planned to do something even in my absence but I think it would be even better if you planned something. That’s right. What if, instead of me leading you in communion you led your family in communion? Talk about disciples making disciples!
We have made it as easy as possible for you to do this yourself at home. Just go to and there you will find simple and easy resources that will teach about communion, lead you through how to receive it together, and even give some guidance on how to connect traditions with your faith at home. Remember, disciples don’t just receive from spiritual leaders, but disciples are spiritual leaders who give the grace of Jesus that they have received. What better way could we do this than through communion at Christmas?
All you need is at The memories you make aren’t going to sound like 300 people singing Silent Night and they might not look like a room full of candles, but I promise that as you give Jesus away God will provide memories for you of the eternal impact you are making for his kingdom.
In Him,
Pastor Tim.