From Bad News to Good News!

It does seem sometimes like we are just surrounded by bad news—bad news about what is going on in the world, bad news in our homes, and even bad news in our own minds. However, God sent his son Jesus into the world that we might hear Good News—good news that Jesus came to save the world from their sins, good news that we can make a positive influence in our homes, and good news that God defines who we are (not our past).
In my sermon Sunday I mentioned that someone once said to me, “You will never be a good pastor.” I
know that is a lie and I know the truth about who I am, what I am and how good I am at it. However, I
only know that because I stopped believing the lie. Maybe there are some lies that you need to stop
believing too. Let the grace of Jesus overcome your despair and lead you to hope that can only be found in him.
We need to realize too that so many people around us, especially those not already connected to the
church, need to hear some good news too. They have lies in their minds too. God is sending us to build relationships with them in order that we might tell them that there is good news and his name is Jesus.
A great place to build this relationship with others is at the HFC Christmas Party this Friday from    7-9 p.m. It is going to be a light and fun evening with a hot chocolate bar and a Christmas movie for the kids. It is just a simple gathering but your invitation might be the first step toward your friends, neighbors and coworkers hearing some good news for a change.
In Him,
Pastor Tim.