Wake Up!

Mwhila, Kenya. Friday, July 12th, 3:00 a.m. That was the time that I woke up and my mind started racing. I tried a relaxation technique of intentionally relaxing certain muscles. I even tried to count backwards from 100 to 0. After nothing else worked I prayed. I pleaded with God to help me go back to sleep and that is when God answered me. “Wake up.”
What? Wake up? It is 3:00 in the morning. Besides I’m already awake. What, am I supposed to do get up and go take a walk or something? “Wake up.” Then I realized what God was saying.
I had traveled all that way, been around countless people including the group from HFC, even read the Bible along the way, but I wasn’t awake to what the Holy Spirit was doing around me during that time. I had been so focused on the work we would do when we got to Mwhila that I lost track of the work God was wanting to do on the way there.
Church, we may all have desires of where we want to be and do. We may have destinations that we want to get to in life regarding work, family, income, ministry, etc. Sometimes we can be so focused on getting there that we sleep through the work of God’s Holy Spirit on the way.
Now, I am more determined than ever to live awake—to live aware of God’s Holy Spirit around me. God is already at work in every area of our lives. Let’s all get intentional about waking up our spirits from the sleep of the journey.
In Him,
Pastor Tim.