Take a Break!

Earlier this month Charles and I were fortunate enough to take a vacation to Los Angeles, California. I was extremely anxious and nervous about this trip one because over the years I have experienced a progressive fear of flying and to being away from home is a little unsettling for me at times.  
Stopping and taking a break is very hard because I find comfort in the day-to-day routines of work and a schedule… But I will have to say that this trip was exactly what was needed. Not just for me, but for Charles and me as well – our relationship.  We were able to spend time together without all the demands of work, school, and chores or the distractions of social media, TV or just “going to my room”. 
The narrative of the day changed.  We started with “what would you like to do today?”  Are we having fun? What’s next? Ending with what did you like best? Recapping the day…  and starting again the next day.
According to research from Harvard Medical School, mother-daughter trips taken once a year can help relieve stress, improve immune responses and decrease the chances of heart disease. Essentially, it shows similar benefits to a full night’s sleep and a healthy diet.
Researchers add strong relationships and quality time with those people may even help you live longer.
Well… I’ll have to say that my research shows mother-son trips do you just the same!  There is just so much to be said for “getting away”. I look forward to planning our next trip and look forward to hearing that you too, are making plans to take a break and enjoy some time with family and friends!  
Your sister in Christ,
Naomi Dingle