Our Hero is Jesus

Once a month my dog Biggie gets a BarkBox, and in that box of goodies she always gets the most unusual toys. This month the theme of the box was villains. One of the toys was a skunk wearing a gas mask. Biggie has been sprayed by a skunk in the past. She was in the backyard one night and when she came back inside she brought with her the stink of a skunk. The odor had filled the house within seconds. Biggie’s villain was the skunk that night, and it smelled like a defeat; however, I became her hero that night and got rid of that horrible odor. She was left smelling like perfume. A beautiful fragrance makes the heart glad. Are we bringing a beautiful fragrance to the Lord? Or have we been defeated? We still have a Hero; one who doesn’t rest, one who won’t give up, one who can’t be defeated. Our Hero is Jesus! The one who paid our debt on the cross. The only one who can wash away everything in us that stinks. Trust in your Hero.