Overcoming Ghosts

I am one of six siblings. I’m not the youngest, but for six years I was the baby. I was also the
one who got picked on the most. I can remember when my sisters got this clever idea to
drape Kleenex’s over oranges and tie them with long strings. Then they would hang them over
the door to their room. Whenever I  walked by their room, they pulled the strings so they
looked like floating ghosts. To finish it off they said, “BOOOoooOOO” in a creepy voice.
As a four-year-old, it terrified me! I needed my mom every time I would go upstairs.
Of course, now I’m older and the ghosts are scarier because they aren’t made of
oranges anymore. No. Now they are made of past pain, fears, and lies—fear of love,
fear of disappointment and fear of not being enough. I’ve met people that have made
past pain as well as present pain with just one word. All the lies start to become what I believe in and the ghosts are all I see.
As the disciples were fighting strong winds and huge waves, Peter, in his fear, sees a
ghost in the water, but it wasn’t a ghost. It was Jesus. Jesus is the one who gives a
clear view that makes the ghosts disappear. He says “Don’t be afraid,” and “take
courage. I am here.” He surrounds us with his warmth. As we trust him as he gives us
victory over our enemies, our issues, and our ghosts.
In Him,