Make Disciples for Christmas

Early this morning I was up praying that the Holy Spirit would show us how to multiply and that he would empower me to make disciple-makers.  After that I went to make Beth’s coffee, wake up the kids and start getting myself ready for the day.  I helped Lily study for a test, helped Daniel with a book report, and helped Isaiah pack his lunch.  As Beth and I passed in the hallway she mentioned that Lily has Girl Scouts tonight so they might be home late.  The boys needed some help putting way folded clothes, I had to pack a lunch for myself, and then I had to get in the car and figure out the best way to the church building so as to avoid the most traffic.

What does all this have to do with making disciples this Christmas?  Nothing.  That’s the point.  Life is busy, and the days and weeks around Christmas seem to be even busier.  If we are not intentional about seeking the Holy Spirit, listening to what he says, and then doing it, then we will find ourselves just busy getting through our day.

Jesus did not establish the church so that we could simply get through our day.  He gave us a mission and sent the Holy Spirit so that we would be disciple-makers.  Make a plan right now about how you are going to intentionally listen to the Holy Spirit.  Make a plan for how you are going to help others grow closer to God.  Make a plan to pray for direction.  Make a plan to talk about what the Holy Spirit is revealing to you.  Christmas busyness is here.  Are you just going to get through it or will you be a disciple-maker this Christmas?
In Him,
Pastor Tim