God Delights in Us!

If God is ever guided by his emotions, it is when he thinks of you. You give great pleasure to God, he loves the fact that you can be yourself. Of course, you can let others point out why God would be disappointed in you. But they would be measuring you against perfection, and you don’t have to be perfect. Only God is perfect.
Focus on how much unlimited his love and mercy are just for you. You are His supreme achievement of your creation, and that give you the greatest pleasure. God is totally committed to His love for you and will never be unfaithful in that relationship.
In fact, God’s delight in you outshines all of the things that can make you feel unworthy. Satan wants you to feel unworthy and wants to keep you wrapped up in all of those lies. But God wants you to know that you are perfect in His eyes. Don’t let anyone take that from you.
Consider this:
How do you feel knowing that God delights in you even though He knows everything-everything -about you?
What do you find your greatest pleasure in? God is always looking forward to spending time with you.
-Pastor David Rivera