Disciple Making in Prison

Last week we received a newsletter from David and Barbara Miller—missionaries in Bolivia who were with us on Sunday, July 14 th . I want to show you what multiplication is looking like where they are.
God included us in a new work he is doing in juvenile detention centers in Central America. Teenage detainees, many of them members of the notorious Mara gang network, are coming to Jesus and making disciples of fellow inmates. Last week, Yunior, a jail chaplain in Honduras, told us that five boys in his center have started twice-a-week groups meetings to study the Bible and share the gospel with cell mates. “I’m a bit surprised,” he said, “because it’s actually easier for them to lead these groups than it is for us!”
Yunior is part of Orphan Helpers, an organization that supplies chaplains and teachers to juvenile detention centers in El Salvador and Honduras. Over the past year, we and our colleague Nathan Venton of Biglife, have been working with Orphan Helpers staff to develop disciple-making strategies to reach incarcerated boys and girls. Orphan Helpers also told us that disciple-making groups are meeting in all nine cell blocks in San Salvador’s Center One facility. Inmates in another center in that city have formed five groups to learn to share their personal salvation stories with other boys, an important first step to effective evangelism and disciple- making. Please ask God to send revival. –David Miller.
Isn’t that amazing! Disciple making and multiplication are happening in prisons in Central America and it is happening here too. Pray that God would bring revival to those in these facilities and that we would experience that revival here as well.
In Him,
Pastor Tim