Nothing Compares to God’s Love

Dear Church,
I met a boy in junior high who became my friend. As we got older we both made bad decisions in life. I abused drugs and alcohol and so did he. When he was 20 years old he got arrested for capital murder. I remember talking to his mom after they had arrested him and the love for her son was still there. Even after hearing of his crime, her love remained strong for her son. Even now she hasn’t forgotten about him as he serves 25 to life in prison. The love of a mother can not compare to the love God shows us. His unfailing love that doesn’t have favoritism. It doesn’t matter if we have murdered, if we have lied, or  cheated. God can still see beauty out of our screw-ups. He can turn a murderer into a God-fearing man who will bring glory to His name; someone who worship in spirit and in truth. To get to them it starts with us. It starts with loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind and loving our Neighbor as we love ourselves. Not seeing their sin but seeing them leave their old life behind to follow Jesus and lift His name up High. How beautiful is that we can share the Gospel that saved us with those that are lost so that they can have love that is rooted in Christ?
Have a Blessed Day